Our new website is now online and features the work and the projects of all participants from the past two years!
Unfortunately in German only, the website gives an overview of my teaching activities as a professor at the University of the Arts in Bremen.
Kill Your Darlings is a unique exhibition and book project by a group of photographers of the same name. The menacing-sounding title, Kill Your Darlings, describes the disciplined approach which the members of the group take to selecting images: the stated aim is to only choose those images which "unlock" the issue either in terms of content or emotion whilst also satisfying formal demands and taking the relevant contexts into account. If these criteria are not met then even the favorite image, the "darling", has to make way.
“If Calcutta had the appeal of Havana,” Süddeutsche Zeitung, one of Germany’s leading newspapers, wrote, “its palaces would long ago have become the subject of various coffee-table books.” And who says they don’t have that appeal? Thanks to Calcutta (Chitpur Road Neighborhoods), we now have the opportunity to see for ourselves."
Joerg Colberg
Capturing a city is not an easy task, let alone a Megalopolis likeJakarta. 10 Photography Students have mastered that challenge set out to them by Antara Gallery with remarkable passion and an amazing variety in personal approach. In an only three day long workshop, allthe participants where able to reorganize their collections of photographs of their first “sketches” into a series of images that reveal their interest and approach to their very own Jakarta.