Rungholt was once believed to be the Northern Atlantis. it was submerged, so no one exactly knew where it was or when it had sunk into the sea, only that this has happened. In 1362, long before climate change became a media darling, a vast storm tide swamped Rungholt, something that could not be verified until the 1930s. There are no photographs of Rungholt but an idea of it. These photographs were taken on the west coast of Sylt in September 2007. There is no doubt that this coastline, too, will vanish, no matter who signs the successor of the Kyoto Protocol. These images might be read as a meditation on change. By the time we look at the image, we experience something immediate and sublime: the memory of an ideal representation of landscape, regardless of whether that landscape is on Rungholt or Sylt and whether it was taken with a camera or idealized with the help of a computer.